Budget Pessimism

It seems to be generally agreed that next week’s budget isn’t going to be pretty.

Harper playing games with budget leaks: Ignatieff – National Post

Ontario’s back to the wall – Globe and Mail

Gird for the worst as MPs gather for Budget, Round 2 – Toronto Star

When you load a shotgun with $34-billion dollars, a few billion are bound to be spent right, but that hardly makes for a good budget.

(I am tempted to make a joke about getting Cheneyed by Harper’s stimulus shotgun, but will resist.)

Part of the trouble is that even $34-billion can be spread too thinly trying to buy votes across the country with spending (“$1.5-million to refurbish a horse racetrack in Summerside, P. E. I.”) and tax cuts. Harper might please nobody while trying to please everybody. On the other hand – or in addition – he might pull some kind of political trick again to screw the opposition.

In either case, the country will suffer for it.


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