Let it pass

The budget has been revealed in full.

My gut says the government needs to be brought down because they can’t be trusted and they spend most of their time living in an alternate reality.

But this budget isn’t nearly bad enough to be rejected. The mess of constitutional wranglings and a possible election delaying a budget until spring is not worth indulging my anxieties over Harper or my envy of the Americans with their new president.

We should accept this mediocre budget and let the Tories wear the recession for another year.


2 responses to “Let it pass

  1. I couldn’t agree more but on top of that Iggy and Layton have to work to rebuild their parties cause as sure as the sun rises, the first chance stevie gets he’ll try to hamstring them again.

  2. Wanker is one of my favourite not-quite curse words. It is underused ’round these parts.

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