And some people think we’re ready for a republic

It’s a little embarrassing when the Governor General, representative of the British monarchy in Canada, has to step in and give Parliament a time out. It’s worse when France, which went out for a smoke and never came back over two centuries ago, treats us like children.

The French on the meeting between Hillary Clinton and her Gallic counterpart, reported by Wherry at Macleans:

Mr. Kouchner also drew Ms. Clinton’s attention to the case of Omar Khadr, the Canadian child who, as you know, was enrolled by al-Qaeda as a pre-teen. We wanted to draw the attention of the American and Canadian authorities to his case.

What kind of a state are we in?


One response to “And some people think we’re ready for a republic

  1. Harper has let down nobody worse than Canadians who get in trouble in foreign countries.
    I know what Kadhr allegedly did was horrible but he was 15. By UN regs he should have been treated as a child warrior.
    THe US is a signatory to that idea but ignored it as they ignored many other of their own laws with Bush in charge.
    Canada is the only ally of the USA that never even requested the extradition of their citizen.
    Shame on Harper, and shame on the rest of us for allowing him to ignore this.

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