Sometimes losing is good

Chantal Hebert writes today about the rudderless Prime Minister, and Don Martin writes about the whispers of rats fleeing the PMO ship. Two is a trend, right?

Stephen Harper is in a much worse position than I would have imagined a few months ago. On the right, he has sold-out every principle of the old Reform Party and still failed to secure a majority government. On the left, he faces an emboldened opposition with a new, less bulliable leader. And on all fronts, the economy is dragging incumbent politicians down with it.

A majority government seems highly unlikely in the months (years?) that the economic turmoil continues, and in any case, what is the point if the PM becomes Brian Mulroney in the process?

US Republicans suddenly seem to be in the enviable position of opposing government spending without consequence. Saved from the economy by their own mistakes abroad, Republicans are returning to their small-government roots and letting the other guy weather the storm.

I have to wonder if Conservatives in Ottawa are jealous. If they had lost the last election (or even fallen during the coalition madness), they would be able to return to their political roots, criticize Stephane Dion’s recession, and bide their time until better days.


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