Repeat, this time with evidence

A couple months ago, I asserted that expanding higher education in Ontario would be a good way to spend our way out of recession. Now I can say it’s not just a crazy scheme: Ontario will need 25,000 new undergraduate positions over the next 15 years.

Apparently there is no more room at the universities in Toronto, and some are calling for the creation of a new university focused on undergraduate education.

The way I see it, expansion of the existing universities outside Toronto, especially those in declining or stagnating cities, is a good way to compensate for deindustrialization. Windsor, OUIT, and Brock could help fill the void left by manufacturers.

Speaking specifically to the situation in St Catharines, a larger university presence in the central city would also help the us achieve the intensification targets of the province’s Places to Grow Act.


2 responses to “Repeat, this time with evidence

  1. Ontario!! Please!! Please! Come to the USA and take our teachers–providing, that is, if you want a gaggle (oops-that’s for Geese) of union airheads who will talk you to death about perks, time-off, vacation days, step raises, development periods, parking spots, free or subsidized lunch, tenure, collegiality, stipends, sabbaticals, and snow days.

  2. Our teachers have the same union troubles, though I find it hard to begrudge anyone a strong union. Who wouldn’t, if they could, take full advantage of perks, pay, and parking spots?

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