Toronto: things could be so much worse

1) It’s a recession, sure, but in the long-run Toronto may come out on top. So says Richard Florida, not for the first time, but it needs to be repeated until people understand that the collapse of Detroit is not the collapse of civilization.

2) GO Transit is getting $500 million (pledged last year) for service and station improvements while transit agencies in the US are facing catastrophic budget shortfalls. We can argue about the merits of giant parking structures at train stations (for which a good chunk of the cash is targeted), but its better than nothing.

2 and a half) Michael Ignatieff makes the right noises about high-speed trains.

bonus half) Awarded to a comment following the train post:

Ignatieff is endorsing a high-speed train now? Please! All the pounds sterling in the Empire would not suffice to push steel through the cold, inhospitable Canadian wilderness! The Dominion would surely bankrupt itself upon such an endeavour, and we should be quite happy with a ragged dirt track in the horseshoe with signs every kilometre reading “WINZOR DIS WAY”.

– guest comment by Sir George Brown’s reanimated corpse

(photo credit)


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