Like it or… don’t

The National Post’s editorial board, fed up with Quebec’s continuing refusal to speak English and vote Conservative (or something), suggests the Quebecois should shut up or put up. Be like the rest of us or just separate already. They suggest it’s time for the federal government to “adopt a tough-love attitude” because the Tories have nothing to lose.

Maybe it’s the National Post’s editorialists that need to go. This federation is flexible and accommodating provincial differences is something it does well. If the editorialists want to live in a land of homogeneity and consensus, they can be the folks to go.

And if we’re going to be dividing Canadians by province, it should be pointed out that Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia are Canada. The rest of you are late to the game, and have no right to ask any of the original players to go.


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