Garden City Beautification

Apropos of this, I want to go on record saying I really like the reconstruction of Glenridge Avenue, south of the railway, as a partial boulevard. The recently planted trees will make it especially nice.

The ‘burbs are pretty bland, but our streets don’t need to be. One of my favourite parts of staying in the city last summer was watching the trees reveal their unique identities. Some have pink flowers, some bear fruit, some shed fluff. Each discovery is a little moment of wonder.

You shouldn’t argue that moments of wonder are not sufficiently important to merit taxpayer dollars. We work to live, after all, and these are the sorts of things that make life good.

More practically, I appreciate how the median “shrinks” the road. With houses and business set relatively far back from the road, it gives drivers a better sense of their speed.

The median also makes two-stage crossing possible if you’re willing to clamber over it, though ideally the city/region would put in formal crossings where people are jaywalking. (Most people, for example, don’t walk the 200 ft or so from the Belton Blvd bus stop to cross at Dennis Morris.)

Glenridge Avenue could be a model for improvements to other suburban arterials in the city. (Maybe it already is; I don’t get north of Fairview Mall very often.)


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