The CBC is a product of the nation

Lorne Gunter is not cool with the CBC.

The CBC will never be able to exorcize its left-wing missionary zeal — for global warming, for Islam, for big government, Barack Obama, multiculturalism, public health care, human rights commissions and so on.

It’s not like the CBC exists in a vacuum. It is ultimately controlled by the federal government, which official supports all those things which a few vocal Conservatives hate so much (even Obama).

And it’s not like the federal government exists in a vacuum. Not even Stephen Harper was able to exorcise Ottawa’s “left-wing missionary zeal.” He might not be the loudest cheerleader for Medicare, but he wouldn’t dare challenge it.

Canada is, on the whole, a progressive nation. We elect progressive governments, present Parliament included. From that, we get a progressive public broadcaster.

The CBC is a symptom of our politics, not the cause.


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