More on the GO bus

Two areas of concern – one minor, one major – from the Standard article:

Construction of the first station — at Casablanca Boulevard and the QEW in Grimsby — will start in June, with service to St. Catharines and possibly two locations in Niagara Falls by September, said Peter Smith, GO Transit’s chairman.

This seems a little optimistic, don’t you think? Planning for the Grimsby station has been underway for some time now; certainly more than the five months expected to plan and construct something in St. Catharines.

The locations of the new GO stations in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls still have to be determined, said Bradley, the provincial transportation minister, but GO always wants its stations to be close to a major highway, so they will be somewhere along the QEW corridor.

A GO station at Lake and the QEW (or whatever interchange they choose) would squander some of the potential of the GO connection. I recognize that GO tends to favour the park-and-ride model, but it doesn’t need to be that way and it puts the people who cannot afford to drive in the first place at a disadvantage. Downtown is highly accessible by public transportation and it is right on highway 406. Having a comfortable, regular, public connection to Burlington and points beyond would have a far greater positive impact on downtown than the north end. (And its a designated urban growth centre, which ought to settle the matter without question.)


2 responses to “More on the GO bus

  1. I have a great job in North York and drive in to work every day. I tried to get a job in the Niagara area for 6 months without any luck and was forced to extend my boundry. I love living where I do but the daily commute can take its toll physically and mentally after a while. I allow for a 11-12 hour work day, pay to drive on the ETR407 and pay fluctuating gas prices. I then sit on the 403 because I am alone and cannot use the HOV lane and crawl along till I reach the 401. If GO bus/train was an option I could at least relax and only have to take a short subway ride from downtown. Almost to good to be true šŸ™‚

    • Matthew Van Dongen

      Hi Lorna, just in case you see this message, I’m looking to talk to potential Niagara GO users for a story for Saturday’s St. Catharines Standard. Send me an e-mail if you feel like chatting!
      — Matthew Van Dongen, Standard reporter

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