Let’s start with some low-hanging fruit.

Two of three letters to the editor today make me weep for humanity.

First, some guy is upset enough over Human Rights Tribunals that he wrote a letter to the editor (all the cool kids have blogs), decided which OPC candidate to vote for based on the issue (even though, I think, everybody but Elliot wants to do away with them), and is donating money to some other guy’s legal defence. Yeah, there are problems with these tribunals, but are they worth getting all worked up about?

The second letter is a pean to Mike Harris. The basic thrust of this guy’s argument is that since the recession was “largely” was caused by borrowing too much money we are fools to try to spend our way out of this recession. That’s silly. The credit crunch was caused by too many loans to build unnecessary houses for people who couldn’t afford them. That doens’t make all borrowing a bad idea. How many people get through medical school without borrowing money? The key is to invest all this spending in useful stuff, like doctors and infrastructure rather than monuments to waste in the suburbs.


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