I have another disease for WHO: it’s called letters-to-the-editor fever

For your amusement, another letter from the local paper:

Is the World Health Organization paying attention? Or has WHO not noticed?

Hundreds of thousands of people have died in the last few years in the Middle East.

WHO appears complacent to the point of being virtually silent, and displays very little empathy, or urgency, in its reactions and responses to war, especially when compared to those with the flu.

Why has WHO not thought of declaring a war a pandemic? Surely war is very detrimental to health.

The people of the industrial military complex are causing massive deaths and serious injuries in many countries. These people are causing their own unique strain of death and torture diseases.

Why is WHO so concerned about 25,300 people with runny noses and coughs, and for only 139 deaths, some of which can’t be attributed to the swine flu anyway? This pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of human lives lost, people maimed and tortured, left homeless and without family.

How does WHO warrant so much hype and attention when thousands have died, and will continue to die, simply because of a fight for the control of oil and territory, amounting to a disease known as Godlessness, greed and corruption, for which no vaccine exists.

There is truly more than just 25,300 sick people in this world — if you get my drift.

Never mind that WHO has limited resources, expertise, and a relatively narrow remit (which includes some truly devastating things like malaria). Never mind that H1N1 hysteria ended weeks ago. Never mind that a local newspaper is probably not the most effective forum for getting the word out about these sorts of things.

Just enjoy the crazy vibes. Soak ’em up. Appreciate your own sanity.


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