More bike lanes for St Catharines

As reported in The Standard, Welland Avenue between Grantham and Bunting will be reduced from four lanes to two, and gain a centre turning lane and bike lanes. The same will be applied to Vine Street between Lakeshore and Carlton.

It has been my experience that biking across the city (as opposed to within one’s neighbourhood) is difficult outside some isolated corridors, like the Welland Canal Trail. We are getting closer to a complete system of bicycle lanes in the north end that will make meaningful bicycle travel safer and simpler.

But we shouldn’t let these accomplishments go to our heads. There are still stretches of road that are off-limits to cautious (prudent?) bicyclists, like the crossings of highway 406 and the QEW. Many intersections, even with bike lanes, remain terrifying (try making a left turn).

3 responses to “More bike lanes for St Catharines

  1. “Bike lane leads up to shopping mall, with signed bike parking area on right hand side by front entrance. Copenhagen, Denmark 2008. Photo by HJEH Becker” I think The Fairview Mall and Pen Centre need Bike Lanes to Bike Racks and Transit.

  2. “A family leaving the mall as I was unlocking my bike really prepared their young child — telling him it’s the danger time so hold our hand at all times. The parking lot is extremely dangerous.
    It’s not all that far fetched either. Unless I’m there early morning (8am or earlier) it is the most dangerous spot in the city I cycle or walk.”

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