Mystery Trail

Can anyone tell me what this park is called, and if there are any plans to improve it? Especially toward the south end it is less a trail than a rut in the grass.

It runs from Lincoln Mall straight north to the intersection of Niagara and Parnell. It is probably a former railway.


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  1. I’m not sure of the name, however I always wonder whether or not the city is going to do something along there.

    Some parts are a pain to bike along. And IF the city is serious about bicycle commuting, you’d think they’d do something about this “trail”. I use to love taking it as a nice, quiet off-road connection from Linwell to the Walmart/No Frills area.

  2. It’s not really a park, it’s just the leftover grassy area from the old railway line that ran down to the dry docks at Lock 1.

  3. Adam’s last post as to it being a left over rail line is correct, and yes it did run from St Catharines to Port Weller Dry Docks, and as late as the 1950’s it was an electrified line. The actual line extended from Port Weller to Niagara on the Lake and was put into service in 1913. I have a postcard of Trolleys at Niagara on the Lake on my website. The line was abandoned from Niagara on the Lake to Port Weller in 1931. and freight service was continued on the line for quite a number of years. Regards Steve

  4. I remember seeing old box cars on the track near Lincoln mall as a kid I barely remember Lincoln mall and the old theater…

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