I previously blogged for about two years at another blog, but gave that up when I lost both inspiration and motivation.

But I am no good at knowing when to cut my losses, so I’m back at it again, in a low-impact sort of way.

I consider myself an undecided voter. I’m very liberal when on classic social issues like abortion and capital punishment, but my opinions get a bit mucky on some of the newer stuff. But that’s why I’m here, in part: to work these things out. On economic issues I usually float around the centre-left.

Need to send an e-mail? It’s filsdiapetus (weird, I know) at yahoo dot com. Then let me know somewhere in the comments to check my mail, or it will go unread.

4 responses to “About

  1. Matt Van Dongen

    Hello, I’m liking the blog! Any chance you’d be willing to comment on regional transit issues for a Standard article I’m writing for next Saturday (Oct 11)? If so, give me a ring before Thursday at 905-684-7251 ext. 260.
    Cheers, Matthew Van Dongen
    Standard reporter

  2. Hey–Thanks for the comment re: flu shots at http://www.dietrehab.wordpress.com
    Much appreciated.
    Just took a lot at [Your] Empire of Dirt–seems like we have a few things in common. Hope it’s okay that I added you to my ‘links’ section. Cheers.

  3. It’s totally cool – I don’t think there’s a blogger in the world who would decline a link! 🙂

  4. “but my opinions get a bit mucky on some of the newer stuff. ” What newer stuff? Gay marriage? Immigration? The economy? Just curious

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