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Deep-fry away the pounds

A recent study out of Stanford has found the Atkins diet to be most effective for women. It compared a handful of “fad” diets and one based on the US food pyramid. They were all helpful to varying degrees, but the Atkins diet most of all.

It seems counter-intuitive that eating mostly fats and proteins should help lose loose weight, much less cut your cholesterol and blood pressure. Yet, this is what they found.

Of course, one study isn’t conclusive evidence. This one only looked at overweight women, for starters. Since I am neither overweight or female, I won’t be binging at McDonald’s tonight. Also, I am concerned about the long-term consequences of a diet high in protein. It wouldn’t be very healthy if this weight loss is at the expense of kidney function.

An interesting study, to be sure. But I won’t be changing what I eat anytime soon.