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Canada-EU free trade: now please

I don’t know much about economics (and certainly nothing about the financial crisis) but I get free trade. It might be a little odd to have a free trade agreement with Mexico, but free trade with the EU makes perfect sense.

Europe is a huge and modern economy, and we should be delighted that they might consider opening their doors to our goods and (hopefully) our workers. There’s nothing to lose in free trade with Europe. It’ll be sort of like having two Americas to trade with. Sure, they’re across an ocean, but there’s even more water between us and China and it doesn’t put a damper on things.

Let’s do this!


Instability on the Eastern Front

Some disturbing talk out of Russia:

”Since missile defense elements are weakly protected, all types of our aircraft are capable of applying electronic countermeasures against them or physically destroying them,” Lt. Gen. Igor Khvorov said Monday, according to the Russian news agencies Interfax and RIA-Novosti.

2008, and the end of President Putin’s term in office, cannot come soon enough. But I don’t hold much hope that his successor will be any more friendly to the West.

It is undeniable that Europe is in a much safer place over a decade after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but the “pax-Europa” of our imaginations is not yet reality.