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In a tizzy over talking.

I have a neocon joke for you.

Q: When is a negotiation a failure?

A: Trick question! All negotiations are failures.

The Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later cabal is furious that Secretary of State Rice has negotiated some mutual concessions with the nuclear-toting North Koreans.

It always amazes me how this influential political minority can fail to see its own traits in the groups they hate the most.

1. Their proclivity for seeing Great Satans around the globe.

2. Their preoccupation maintaining America’s solid and powerful international reputation. The country’s honor, if you will.

The neocons think negotiating with another country, especially a puny country trying to punch above its weight with nuclear weapons like North Korea, is a humiliation. Anything less than a capitulation to American moral and military might should be considered defeat.

What the neocons fail to recognize is that people in other countries care about their national honour too. The North Koreans do not want to come to America on bent knee to beg for an end to economic sanctions. Human nature demands some give and take.

So the US gives them some penicillin (or whatever is being held back) and the North Koreans blow up a cooling tower. Now both parties have something they wanted and the trust created can be invested in further negotiations.

(I can’t believe we’re still talking about neocons. They are so 2004.)

[link] Neocons Blast Rice Over North Korea, Iran – The Nation

[via] The Morning News

Finger off the button

Could it be that the Bush Administration is adjusting its Iran policy to better suit reality? This blogger hopes so.

The problem with sabre-rattling is you have to be prepared to eventually use that sabre, but the US is in no position to open up another “front” in the War on Terror.

Talk is cheap, but that just means you get a better value for your money.